Antigua Weather On the island of Antigua, if one would stay for a whole year, one could go every day on a deferent beach, as there are 365 beaches. The good news is that you can enjoy them any time of the year, as the weather is good all year round. However, there are some months of bad weather, too.

When the time is not for sunbathing or you just feel like doing something else, there are plenty of choices from shopping, sight seeing, dining or going to a resort on both Antigua and its twin, Barbuda.

Temperatures don’t vary much throughout the year, but there can be rain in the valleys or on the strong peaks.

85 Fahrenheit degrees is, in average, the high monthly temperature according to the World Weather Organization. The temperature goes down to an average of 75 degrees.

From June until October, the highest temperature in Antigua can reach up to 87 Fahrenheit degrees. In the months of December, January, February the lowest temperature reaches 83 degrees.

The average monthly rainfall is of 3.6 inches and it goes up to 5.5 inches in September, October and November. During the annual hurricane season there is an intense activity of storms and hurricanes. It lasts from the 1st of July until the 30th of November. May is also a month with heavy rainfall, but not as much as in autumn.

In February, rainfall go down to 1.5 inches and stay close to this level during January, March and April. In the period between February and April it rains about eight days each month. In December, August, October and November it rains almost twice often with 13 days per month.

Being all this said, we can conclude that March and April are the best months to go to Antigua. Try not to be there in September and October, as the Caribean Tourism Organization advises.

The safest months to be in Antigua are February until April together with June, when there is light rainfall and temperatures are warm. Chances to have rain increase in the period from August till November and in the month of May.