Things To Do

Antigua_beach If you’re thinking of an amazing holiday, then think of Antigua, the largest island of the Leeward Islands, with 365 astonishing beaches.

Going to Antigua means a beautiful encounter with a rich heritage and culture. Here are believed to be the world’s best hotels. You will surely enjoy the splendid sights, the music, calypso bands and the overwhelming sunsets. Restaurants and resorts are to be found all over the island and the nightlife is simply irresistible.

The island is composed of volcanic rock, coral and limestone in a beautiful blend. Rainforests and crystal water are its mark.

The sight you shouldn’t miss is the area of the English Harbor National Park. Here you can see the Shirley Heights and the Nelson’s Dockyard. These spots are very important to the history of the island.

You can take a Safari trip and visit the inner of the island with its quaint villages and veiled ruins. A beautiful drive would be by the Fig Tree Drive rainforest trail. Barbuda is very close, so you can take advantage and have a day trip there.

For a really delicious meal, go to one of the many restaurants in the capital St. John’s. There you can do some duty-free shopping, too. Some of the best places are Café Napoleon, C&C Wine Bar or Pizzas in Paradise.

Still, the most visited places are, of course, the beaches. Most of the beaches are situated on the west coast. The choice is wide and every beach is unique in its own way, this is why you should explore as many as you can. Runaway Bay and Dickenson Bay are on the northwest coast, while Deep Bay and Fort James are the closest to St. John’s. Galley Bay is the favorite destination for surfing in winter.

If you are in Antigua with your family, then Long Bay and the national park are the perfect beaches to go to.