Barbuda Island

Barbuda-Island The Barbuda Island is the second of the two main islands of the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. It is less visited by tourists, has less visitors and it has many miles of great looking beaches that are deserted.

The island of Barbuda is made out of two slabs of limestone. On the island’s NW area, you can find a shallow and large lagoon, which has a beach that is quite long. In this lagoon, you will find a huge colony of frigate birds.

There is only one town on the island of Barbuda and it’s called Codrington. The island has 1500 people and most of them can be found in this town. There are few tourists coming to Barbuda and for the most part the town is not very advanced, with goat herds roaming the area and streets that have no name and no pavement. Still, people that do come here, generally leave with love for this island and for its hospitable inhabitants.

Barbuda island doesn’t have that much in common with its partner, Antigua. The island’s affairs are conducted mainly by the Barbudan Council, which is elected by the inhabitants. Almost all the guest houses, restaurants and stores on the island are owned by locals, so whatever money comes from the few tourists, will remain in Barbuda.

The island’s economy is based on tourism and on sand mining, which is then sent to Antigua and used for constructions.

The residents of the island are mostly relatives of the slaves which were owned by the family of Codrington. This family used to farm the island of Barbuda, so they could feed the slaves they owned in Antigua. The Barbudans own the land since the abolishment of slavery. Even though they can’t own a piece of land, they can still apply for a site where they can make a house for themselves. Resorts need to lease the land in order to make their buildings.

To get from Antigua to Barbuda, you need to either use the Winair airline, which serves the Codrington airport, or the Barbuda Express, which has ferries between the two islands.