Holiday Homes

antigua-holiday-homes The Caribbean islands are well known for the beauty of its beaches, of which the most appreciated being Antigua Island. Added to this there are the people and their colorful culture. This is why Antigua is such a famous holiday destination, even considered the ideal one for the major part.

You can plan your holiday in Antigua on any of the 365 days of the year. Or you can take off a whole year, so you can enjoy each of the 365 beaches of Antigua, one for every day.

If coming to Antigua, expect much more than lying in the sun on a beautiful beach. There are many water activities to choose from: snorkeling, boating, fishing, diving, swimming, kayaking or windsurfing.

If water is not your favorite environment, don’t worry, there are also lots of land activities, too. You can take short trips, practice some sports, go out dancing, or just have a nice quiet meal in one of the many restaurants.

If Antigua conquered your heart and you plan to come here more and more often, it’s high time you bought a holiday home here.

It will prove a good choice considering the financial and fun aspects, in report to renting a house each time. You would benefit twice: once by reducing the rental costs which accumulate in time and second, by getting back some of the investment through renting the house to other visitors or even resell it.

By having your own house on the island you can be sure you won’t be bothered by any potential disturbing guests you might have encountered in a hotel.

If all these arguments weren’t enough, it may be added that on your holiday in Antigua it is very probable to run into the very Oprah Winfrey, Eric Clapton, Timothy Dalton or Giorgio Armani, who all have holiday houses in Antigua.