VC Bird International Airport

vc_bird The VC Bird International Airport is situated on the Antigua island and has quite of a history. The island itself is part of the Caribbean islands, in the West Indies. The island is actually Antigua and Barbuda and in the local language is called Wadadli, which means “our own”. The island is 8 km far from the capital St. John’s.

On the airport operate flights several airlines, such as Air Caraibes, Air Canada, American Eagle, American Airlines, US Airways nad Delta Air Lines. There are also European companies: Condor Airlines, British Airways, First Choice Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways and Excel Airways.

To get to the airport from St. John’s, there are three roads you can take: the Antigua Sugar Factory Road, the Old Parham Road and the Airport Road.

No public transportation is provided to connect the airport with the city. To get from one island to another there are charter flights and getting to New York it only takes 4 hours, while Miami is 3 hours flight away. Baltimore is also 4 hours away while Frankfurt in Germany is a little further, 9 and half hours. Puerto Rico is the closest, only one hour flight distance.

The accommodation services are adapted for disabled persons, too. The airport has lift ramps and even wheelchairs, as well as first aid assistance. In the airport you can find a VIP lunge, a bar and a restaurant. You can withdraw money from an ATM machine and also go shopping. The code for the airport is ANU. The mail address is P.O. Box 1051, St. John’s, Antigua. By phone, you can find it at 268-462-0358 or you can send a fax at 268-462-0642. The runway has 9 kilometers long and an elevation of 62 meters.

It is very comfortable to travel through this airport and there are hotels to be found around, in case you choose to stay longer.