Antigua & Barbuda Food Fungie is the Antigua and Barbuda’s national dish, along with pepper pot. The fungie resembles very much the Italian polenta, being made mainly from cornmeal. In Barbuda you can try the traditional ducana, Saltfish, season rice and lobster. Other local dishes include raspberry and tamarind stew, peanut brittle, fudge or sugarcake.

To the traditional local cuisine of Antigua and Barbuda, there have been added other dishes original from the other Caribbean countries, such as the jerk pork from Jamaica and the Roti of Guyana. As in most of the countries, the Chinese restaurants have become quite popular, while the supermarkets offer American or Italian food.

For lunch you can expect to have rice or pasta or macaroni for a starch, then salad or vegetables, an entrée made of fish, pork, chicken or beef and finally a side dish of scalloped potatoes, macaroni pie or plantains. If you want to try the local drinks, you can choose from mauby, tamarind juice, seamoss, mango or raspberry juice, lemonade, hibiscus juice, coconut milk, passion fruit juice, ginger beer, guava juice or soursop juice. For the adults, there is a large variety of beers, rums and malts, locally made. A local beer is the Wadadli (which was the island’s original name) and the English Harbour Rum, which actually won some awards.

On Sunday most of the locals go to church and they pay a lot of attention to traditional dishes served on this day. Breakfast consists in eggplant, salt fish, lettuce and eggs. Dinner is eaten around 2:00 pm on Sundays and includes baked chicken, pork, turkey or stewed lamb, accompanied by rice, salads, macaroni pie and some local drink. For the desert they have cake, ice cream or apple pie or even Jello. During their season, the apple pie is replaced by the pineapple and mango pie.